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CODE RED Six Pack V.2 - Swap Meat At The Love Shack!

I'm a big fan of CODE RED DVD releases, and when I see a bargain like SIX (count 'em...on this very screen) films in one pack I'm willing to take a gamble.  The two sets add up to 12 bits of Sexploitation and Horror that I'll certainly be absorbing in the coming weeks.  How could I resist SWAP MEET AT THE LOVE SHACK?  Actually, I let a friend pick the first one, so maybe he just has a dirty mind, but I was completely excited. NO clue what it is? That is for me. AND THEN... this pops up.

Wow...OK, now that is a retitle that I can get behind.  The box mentions that this is the original HARD EROTIC VERSION as well. Well, it's definitely erotic, though there are so many floppy dongs on show that hard isn't a term that comes to mind by any vacuupump of the imagination.  And better yet, this is a Brit Dubbed 1973 German Sex Comedy! RAISE THE STEIN OF SATISFACTION...I LOVE THESE!

Called EMANUELLE MEETS THE WIFE SWAPPERS to pair with EMANUELLE IN SOHO (so says a reviewer on IMDB and it makes enough sense to repeat), this is typical German sex comedy.  Sped up footage, beautiful groovy women and goofy men with pink hats, the aforementioned jelly dongs and a comic relief actor that plays multiple roles in search of true love and sexual exploration. 

There isn't much plot outside of that seemingly timeless German cinematic bunch of hepcats and swingers that share stories of sexual escapades, though the inclusion of Emanuelle (named Isis in the German version) makes her seem like a focal point to the film, though there really isn't one at all.  Definitely taking the throw your sausage at the wall until it tickles someones taste buds, you have sketches from goofy chimney sweeps to a echo driven voice driving a woman to a black mass (which is the least black of all of these things I've's sort of purple and smells like patchouli really.  I did like the inclusion of the reverby voice though! 

 While hardly a classic of the form, I'm definitely going to encourage you to check it out. It's certainly something I didn't expect to see, and ANY excuse to see this vintage and style of a film is OK by me! 

The SIX PACKS are limited to 500 pieces, so fans of big packs of oddball prints saved and put out by CODE RED should snap them up.  I am hesitant to note that I had this feature glitch on the disc about 6 times at different spots, locking up for a few seconds and then jumping forward 10 seconds.  I'm hoping it's isolated to this feature, because I'd hate to try and get a replacement on a limited disc like this. 

I checked out a copy of the original film that was adapted here, LIEBESMARKT and noted that it runs a bit longer than the dubbed version. It popped up easily enough to see that the dub features a brief scene recut around (to get Emanuelle something to do) that feels insanely unnatural in the SWAP MEAT edition.  Fans of Eurosludge know how hard it is to find complete English editions and it's hardly a source of concern given the circumstances.  
Also, Ingrid Steeger fans will jump on this film, she isn't featured, but any Steeger is pretty easy on the eyes!
Onwards up the SIX PACK HILL!

For your viewing pleasure, here are the original German titles for the film.  Also, I've covered quite a few German REPORT FILMS and other comedies AT THIS LINK.  Enjoy!

You can reach CODE RED here!

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Anonymous said...

all the disks have this glitch, but I like this title. I too bought both of these sex packs and thanks very much for reviewing them !!!!