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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wandering into the sunlight...The Tomb Will Open Again Soon!

Yes indeed...SUMMER is here and as always I wander from my Tomb for a few weeks and enjoy time with my kids, my wife and this year I even have a Birthday Bash with my friends from The Eurotrash Paradise to look forward to next Saturday.
Stay TRASHY and service will re-energize and arouse you upon my return. More Joe D'Amato Porn Scene Investigations!!  More insane comics!  More movies and Cinemoments to boggle yer brain.
Also of special note this year, I'll be gone for LINA ROMAY'S BIRTHDAY!!  She is celebrated on the eve of my own, so Happy Birthday Lina, this member of The Tomb stands tall in your honor as always!! 

Stay naughty fellow fiends of the blogosphere!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back from Nice...service resumes shortly!

An amazing weekend in Nice and service resumes shortly! While I did not find Brigitte Lahie while in France, I did encounter a wonderful poster of a topless Uschi Digard that I really should have grabbed!

( mother-in-law is on the other side of the camera!)

Here is me reading a little Guy N. Smith at Hotel du Cap. Class meets Class A Pulp Horror!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Vacation For A Eurospy

2008 has been my year of the EUROSPY, and with this vacation I watched a batch that delighted my gadget loving heart. Here are the posters and I have to give highest recommendations to Spies Strike Silently and Killers Are Challenged. But the favorite flick of the year in my dossier of dashing dudes has been presented in the Sergio Sollima film, Passport To Hell. If you like tough secret agents and sexy sirens, find this film!


Secret Agent Fireball

Killers Are Challenged

Passport To Hell


OSS 117-Nest Of Spies

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Vacation Time!

Time for our once a year journey to the shore... All of us in the Tomb will see you in two weeks. ENJOY SOME TRASHY MEDIA!

And just is yet another image from one of my favorite flicks...AMAZONS AND SUPERMEN!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back From The Past! The Blog Rises!

Ah, good to be back. A very very very fun vacation this year. Not only did I spend 3 weeks with my family on the Ocean's edge, but also had a blast at this years FOURTH Eurotrash Paradise World Convention. Plenty of details to follow (as well as reviews and other fun swag).... but first a few photos.
First up is the ETP Crew with Udo Kier! Luckily we chased him down as he was leaving the convention and he was pleased to snap a photo. Then we have your humble author and his son sitting in a model T. The lad sure does love those cars!

More soon... Guy N. Smith, Thriller stuff, Breaking Point images, Rare Artwork and much more!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Summer Vacation and the Wicked Wicked West!

It is that time of the year again as we pack the kids and hit the beach. While away I'll be attending this years EUROTRASH PARADISE WORLD CONVENTION 4(!!). A long hot few weeks at the beach with a sidetrack of all night trash marathons, beer and even a genuine convention this year should be just what the Awful Dr. Orlof ordered!

I wanted to leave something cool hanging (see above) as a "gone fishin'" sign, and it certainly popped up. Eurotrash Paradise charter member Neil Vokes has done up a series of sketches for various members of the ETP to go hand in hand with an upcoming discussion of THE WICKED WEST 2, the best Spaghetti Guns n' Horror comic in recent memory. Now YOU can own a similar package. The book is covered here on my blog (which includes a nice scan of THE PAGE!!) and is a must for anyone that loves Eurohorror and westerns. If you buy now from Neil you will also receive a personal sketch. Now, this isn't just a doodle folks, but a nice piece of artwork. The price for the book (which is 15.99 retail) and the art is $40.00 and interested buyers can contact Neil directly at Here are some samples...Some truly iconic stuff here!

Be well and stay cool my friends...see you all for more Thriller stuff (yes, there is more), and lots of other fun swag upon my return.