Saturday, March 25, 2017

Peter Bark...DANCING!!

Who doesn't love PETER BARK?  I sure do, and I was pleased to post him in a comedic role as a boy scout RIGHT HERE!  In my never ending quest for more scenes that smell like death, I present to you a few clips from LIQUIRIZIA.  Now this rock and roll comedy is all in Italian and I have no clue what is going on, but it was fun watching it to locate the small role from our hero!  He only has one little speaking line and is dubbed in an absurd voice, but here is the real draw.

This post needed a little updating, and since the time getting this video KILLED my then PC with a virus it has been a groovy world for BARKers!  He appeared at a fest and can be seen discussing his films and there is even a PETER BARK SHOT GLASS from Severin Films!  Amazing...enjoy the clips!

First, the tryout for the rock band.
And then, we get to apply this to a ROCK N' ROLL SCENE!
The song is actually fun, but the file size would be really huge to give you the entire thing. Just stick tight, you can't miss 'em. And the crowd loves him.  MAMA MIA!!  It's Mother's Milk (*CHOMP*) to a Peter Bark fan!

It's days like this that make me love this hobby that I, and probably you, share. Always more to find, so much more to see!
Let's walk off into history with Peter Bark, hand in hand...

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