Friday, February 22, 2013

SRS and Tim Tyler Combine into MUST HAVE MATERIALS!

And did I not mention TIM RITTER in the headline??

It's been some time (WOW...2009) since I posted up my love for BLOOD REIGN in this Sequential Sarcophagus entry, but the power of Facebook and the internet keep on giving. Tim Tyler has a style that is all his own, and I really love it.  I also have a very soft spot (you know, the type in the skull where the weird needles pierce with ease) for the work of Tim Ritter and his TRUTH OR DARE films (and others).  SRS, the folks that have released such gems as Franco's ONE SHOT output, have thrown their hat into the newly revived VHS market with some groovy releases (which I mostly missed because I'm a broke blogger on a lot of days) and brought some of the coolest art into the market. Luckily, there will be some DVDs as well.  I don't think they are the same films as the VHS just yet, but...I really want the art on my shelf!

Take a look at this artwork and tell me you can resist these releases.  Just try.  SRS releases are available RIGHT HERE at the SRS STORE ONLINE and be sure to follow them on Facebook for all the fastest information on when and how to buy the swag you need. 

Awesome art. Amazing cinema as only Ritter can richly provide and you can even get some of the artwork on prints and shirts.  I need a PACT shirt!


How cool is this? I took sights like the above for granted when I spent just about my entire working life in the video biz.  Now it makes me nostalgic.

And there is more.  A current production includes an eye patch wearing vengeance seeker.  AH...I know those well. 

Check THIS SHIT OUT!!!  Epic. Awesome!

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