Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sequential Sarcophagus - Blood Reign

Halloween always has me picking up my favorite horror comics...you have your Tomb of Dracula, Wicked West, Swamp Thing, Sword of Dracula and other great items, but perhaps my favorite read is the (sadly incomplete) Blood Reign. Artist and series writer (with Dave Curl) Tim Tyler is someone whose work I enjoy a lot for a variety of reasons. Known more for his inking skill, he worked on books such as Dreadstar, Faust, Razor and lots of others-but when he runs the entire artistic show he just goes utterly berserk in a way that few can match. Blood Reign is a work built on enthusiastic excess as we follow the adventures of a vampiric "hero" that battles through the corrupt city of Santorini-and manages to bend time and space to drag in "The Dead Crew" as the series mutates faster than Waldemar Daninsky during a full moon! Once the lead is split with his lady Blood Reign things get completely out of hand. I was going to tell you more, but why bother-because you can read a bunch of it here!
Go read Blood Reign with commentary by Tim Tyler

But there is more...Tyler and his Fathom Press (and other variants) put out a lot of cool books loaded with concepts that really make me smile. While the books could use some serious editing (I just go crazy when I see words spelled incorrectly in comics)-all of them are fun to look at and I love sitting down on the couch and marvelling at all that ink just splattered over crazy visions that are unique to Tim Tyler and his weird aesthetic. I can't even imagine how much fun it would be to take Blood Reign, Devil Jack, The Dead Crew, Ravage, Hades and every other crazed monster that did not get pummelled into bloody pulp in the original stories!

Me and my Blood Reign piece...huge, bloody and beautiful!

But wait, there is more...DEVIL JACK was a visual continuation of Blood Reign and not only is the original series available to read online but it actually has a conclusion now. What is fun about reading this, for me, is the progression of the artists work over a decade. Still enthusiastic, still one of a kind-I'm in for anything Tim Tyler does.

Click here for BLOOD REIGN and DEVIL JACK!
And here are some other images from Tim Tylers sketchbook at Drunk Duck. Check it out-there are over 150 images... and Happy Halloween! Also, don't forget that Tim participated in the Visions of Christina Lindberg series.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you kind sir for your comments about my doodles!! I appreciate your appreciation!! I do agree....I wusn't and still aint much of a speller, as u kinn see. We REALLY were in need of an editor, but, independents being what they were back then, we did the best we could. We were simply having fun. Thanks Brother!!!
T Tyler