Monday, April 05, 2010

Japanese Laser Disc Fun

I worked for Sight and Sound (and Laser Exchange and Playback Trading), so I certainly spent a lot of time with Laserdisc.  I love the jackets and here are a few interesting ones from Japan to keep you smiling today!  Some of these discs would go for HUGE money in the late 90s-some still may!


Paul Cooke aka Buckaroobanzai said...

Ah the glory days of hunting out rarities, before Japanese VHS of course there was Japanese Laserdiscs :) . Sight & Sound must have been a fantastic place to be during the heyday DZ. Kinda imagine you being the John Cusack character from High Fidelity, only immersed in movies rather than records.
I wonder what Laserdiscs are rare & still worth a lot ?. I have a batch still of about three hundred odd with some infamous & outrageous titles. Cannibal Ferox with the Sick Bag, Roger Corman's Forbidden World (Love that Alien rip) all of the Lone Wolf & Cub movies. I must have a flick through what I do have sometime as some real rarities for sure. I know somewhere I have the Cynthia Khan, Dale Cook 1992 Post Nuke / Fu Flick Eternal Fist for instance. Is there any Laserdisc specialist left to check on these David ?.

Mike H said...

That's a very nice collection of LDs! I still have a bunch but I have a stack that I don't want any more and nobody else seems to want them either!!

David A. Zuzelo said... probably nailed it! I don't know if you ever read the old online "blog" I had at SS, but it certainly was something I liked doing a lot.
LDs are weird, like Mike said, I have a ton of ones I'd happily get rid of, though a few keepers like the long version of Class of Nuke 'Em High that took forever to find. I see them go for good money on Ebay-but that means they are listed high. What they sell for...well, who knows? I will send you a few links and see if anything works for you, but I'm at the point of simply giving them out, framing a few jackets and getting my DVD Recorder on the final 10 or so.
That said, I will always treasure my HK LD of TALK TO ME DICKIE (yes, the talking penis interrogation HK flick of the millenium!) and other little oddballs.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Totally sweet!

Forgotten Junk said...

LD covers always look so cool, I'd love it if some of Mattei's movies made it on to the format.