Friday, April 09, 2010

Brigitte Lahaie Casual (un)Dress Friday!

Time for another episode of Casual (un)Dress Friday...with your new hostess of the week, Brigitte Lahaie!  She is known around the globe for her rather massive and prolific career in adult cinema-but I will always see her as one of the ultimate Eurotrash Cinema Divas. Before I could even find any of the Rollin movies she starred in, the image of Lahie with a scythe in Fascination was burned in to my brain via tantalizing stills.   I first saw her in Jess Franco's FACELESS, and I'll always get a kick out of saying "A-HA!" once I realized it was the same actress in the Rollin films.  She has an amazing body that has been detailed in every sexual mixture of position and posture as most of you well know, but the feature I find the most appealing is her amazingly angular face. Utterly unique and unashamed...enjoy a Friday lunch with Brigitte Lahaie.   
Also, fans can check in on Brigitte at her official Facebook page!


dfordoom said...

I'm only familiar with Ms Lahaie from her work with Jean Rollin. She's one of those actresses who is a great cult movie actress - she has the presence and that sexual charisma that is as important as conventional acting ability in a cult move. And if you've seen Night of the Hunted you know she really can act as well.

It was great to see her working with Jean Rollin again in La fiancée de Dracula in 2002.

I've seen her interviewed, and she seems like a very intelligent and charming lady. She also looks very nice without her clothes on.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Very nice display of pics.

Mike H said...

Brigitte Lahaie has perhaps the finest body that was ever committed to film.

If you're going to sway from Romay, this is the way, I say!

dfordoom said...

I certainly won't be complaining if we see more Brigitte Lahaie posts!