Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Favorite European Trash Cinema Images - Exorcism / Sadist of Notre Dame

The filmography of Jess Franco could provide plenty of favorite European Trash Cinema images, but one of my favorite of his films features the director himself as a troubled (alright, that may put it mildly) excommunicated priest acting out his bizarre and sadistic fantasies entitled Exorcism (and later re-edited in to The Sadist of Notre Dame / Demoniac).  A look both backwards and forwards for Franco, this was where his work with Robert De Nesle ended and he returned to Eurocine full of the kind of piss and vinegar that would spark an incredibly rampant period of production that would have Franco going from leather clubs to women's prisons (where shirts are not allowed!), in to the wilds of The Most Dangerous Game and much much more!
Sometimes weird, sometimes groovy and more than a little bizarre, this image of Jess Franco as Vogel  and Monica Swinn is a perfect encapsulation of one of Franco's most re-edited film, and one of his best.



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