Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jess Franco à la Cinémathèque française

With a career closing in on 50 years of film making, Jess Franco has been called incompetent and lazy more times than I have counted. I've never been able to agree with that statement, I think he is a unique artist that has gone through many phases and shown many many things that are unique to his imagination. So, it really makes me smile to see Jess and Lina sitting in front of an audience that enjoys their work.
I don't speak French, but have enough to make out a bit of this clip. But what is impressive is that in 2008, this even happened.

Love him, hate him...but you can't deny he has had an amazing career.

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Steve Langton said...

I raised a glass to Uncle Jess when I heard about this event and wished I could have been there. My first encounter with his films came via a grainy bootleg tape in the eighties (Venus In Furs). Been a hell of a ride ever since.