Monday, January 07, 2008

Once More I'm On Cecilia! PLUS...VOKES in the ZOMBIE POOL!

Just one more little tidbit on Cecilia from Blue Underground to follow up. The Eurocine website lists the film here. They list the film as directed by Jess Franco-so perhaps this is where the composite versus original film listing began.

Now then, to continue the Eurocine Art Archive in a whole new direction...uber artist Neil Vokes of The Black Forest, Wicked West, Eagle, Spider-Man and Ninjak fame sat down to watch the always welcome ZOMBIE LAKE. While he was more than a tad underwhelmed he did a quick Christmas sketch for Bruce Holecheck. Bruce is now the proud owner of ZOMBIE POOL!


Benjamin Hall said...

That's fantastic!! And the best scene in the movie!

David A. Zuzelo said...

Ain't that cool Benjamin. Be sure to click the Neil Vokes tab on the right side of the bar for lots more of his work.

His "CLAWS OF FRANKENSTEIN ISLAND" is a favorite of mine.

Damian said...

I love when my ladies come out of a van that's informs us they're a girls basketball team and then proceed to play volleyball.
Love it.

And I love Neal Vokes, and that's a sweeet sketch.
I need to get him to do a commission for me, mucho soono.