Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thriller-A Cruel Picture / They Call Her One Eye Annex 2

It has been awhile since I posted about Thriller - A Cruel Picture (aka The Obsession Of David Z). You can read through a massive amount of posts by clicking this link if you haven't seen them.

This is an interesting VHS box from the first release in Sweden. Not exactly a graphic wonder, it is interesting to see Bo A. Vibenius listed as the film maker. He was very adamant about Alex Fridolinski appearing as director, this is very unique because that pseudonym does not appear.

Here we have the uncut tape from Belgium, in french language. Many moons ago I got a copy of that tape with a photocopy of this cover. The tape looked so bad I chucked it out sadly...and never scanned the cover for the DVD. Well, here we go! The nasty man groping the photo of Christina laying down on the front is something else!


Anonymous said...

Never enough Christina!

Strange French cover ; living in Belgium I've never come across this in any videostore.
However, the video is rated "18", meaning that it was probably shelved in the hardcore section. We've never had a true "18" certificate here, except for pornography - which leads me to believe that this tape would contain the full uncut version.

David A. Zuzelo said...

The copy I got with that cover was indeed uncut-that is a very odd cover. And I agree...NEVER ever enough Christina Lindberg on the web my friend. Never.


Benjamin Hall said...

HAHA! Where'd did they get that headshot of Christina with the 80's hair? That doesn't fit the movie at all... nor does that hairy troll guy. eugh!

I love these random international covers.

Anonymous said...

Just checked through all your Thriller posts. I appreciate all the work you've done for this great film and for Furyo Anego Den. Great to see those behind the scenes shots too. Now, if only I could find her Penthouse layout, assuming there's more than the two pager I've seen...

Anonymous said...

Wow, that forum is pretty great. Christina's P-house layout, her fabled other Japanese movie (with bondage, yay) and a ton of other stuff.