Friday, October 12, 2007

Constantin Belinsky part 2- More Eurocine and Monsters!

More Constantin Belinsky for the weekend. Included are several roughs for Eurocine, including a great Orloff And The Invisible Man one. Also another Eugenie version and some western action. After finding the artists first name the search has become easier. Included here are a few other interesting items, especially the Creature From The Black Lagoon re-issue poster. Click the images for larger versions.

Day 2 and I still do not own a Eurocine Belinsky. I'm on the hunt. HAPPY WEEKENDING everyone.


Greg Baty said...

That second one is brilliant. I need to do a little more research in this guy.

Billy George said...

Those are AWESOME Z. Thanks for posting...Now I have to find everything that guy painted.