Monday, October 15, 2007

Eurocine Art Archives!

On occasion I'm asked what my blog is about? Well, it can only be about the stuff I love and the fun in sharing it. So, I'm rampaging through my Lamberto Bava library and jotting up reviews and stuff-and in the process of compiling all that I'm going to share a bunch of Eurocine art. If you read the previous posts on C. Belinsky we can call that the start (just scroll down)... So, today we have FOUR bits for the distinctly not great but wonderfully sold HELL TRAIN. This Monica Swinn flick is not one of my favorites, but the videobox and artwork is just so tantalizing.

Until the official Eurocine Fansite becomes a reality, I'll plug away by putting this stuff on the web for everyone to see. Enjoy!


Dan said...

LOL, I remember that HELL TRAIN box with the chick in the fishnet body stocking very well. Never saw the flick but that's one of those boxes that's just etched in my mind from too much time spent hanging in the video store.

David A. Zuzelo said...

I think you are better off with the poster in this case. GREAT artwork, not so great film.