Friday, September 21, 2007

Thriller-A Cruel Picture / They Call Her One Eye Archive 20!

Thriller Archive number TWENTY?? Well, I hope that I've managed to share a little of my enthusiasm for Bo-Arne Vibenius' great cult film. If you were prompted to see it by all this posting I'm happy-and if you had already caught it I hope that I've shared my enthusiasm.
So, for the final official post in the series I wanted to share a review from VIDEOOZE magazine of Thriller-A Cruel Picture. This is the review that made me take my chance to hop on a plane with a LOT of Swedish Kronor jammed into my sock and dedicate about a year to helping see the film released on DVD.
Never made a penny...but I did learn a few lessons, see a few things and realize that the love of a good movie is worth it's own weight in gold-at least for a schlub like me. I'm never going into the business end of movie releasing again thanks much, but I'd still like a Thriller T-Shirt to remember all that bullshit by.
So, this review for Videooze is here as a thank you to Thriller-A Cruel Picture, Bo-Arne Vibenius and Bob Sargent especially. Over the years I've become friends with Bob (we chat about these flicks while I'm walking around the wholesale club with a baby strapped to my chest and pushing another in a little red cart)-and this review is one of the best of the film I've read. Videooze...the pioneer frontier of Swedish Trash in the US, we miss ya!
Click it, blow it up and read it...and by all means see the movie. If you want to check out the 20 post archive that includes behind the scenes shots you will not find elsewhere, Variety totals, lots of naked Christina Lindberg and here: THE THRILLER ONE EYED ARCHIVE.

And while I'll be moving along, you never know when more will pop up and I will be posting MORE Christina Lindberg...believe it!

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