Monday, September 24, 2007

Alfonso Brescia / Al Bradley Gets Outer Spacey!

After enjoying the sublime absurdity of SUPER STOOGES AGAINST THE WONDER WOMEN on DVD, I realized something. I just love the silly world of Alfonso Brescia (Al Bradley). I do... you can ask the why or how of it and I can not answer you in any critical fashion. Is it the sheer ineptitude of these films that attracts me? I don't think so, because I find many of them so darn entertaining. While I would probably cite CROSS MISSION as my favorite-simply because I love the Italian 80's action flicks and it may be the oddest of the batch, Al Bradley is most known and reviled for his series of outer space films that are sort of Star Wars knock offs, but tinged with so much acidic brainburn that they become something utterly unique. These may be the junkiest science fiction films I've ever encountered. And my friends, if you go in with the right mind and attitude (or can stoop as low as myself to be entertained), then you are going to love watching these.
Two of the films are available on Google Video, so I've posted them here for you to look at. I'm not a fan of watching films in the way myself, but let them load and then just poke'll be AMAZED at what you find. Groovy music for RoboHeads (think Kraftwerk minus rythym), wild costumes and thriftstore effects all wrapped around the silliest stories set in space ever written.
I'm thinking we need more Al Brescia on this blog!!

STAR ODYSSEY (aka Metallica / Sette uomini d'oro nello spazio / Captive Planet)

COSMOS-WAR OF THE PLANETS (Anno zero - guerra nello spazio)


Robert Monell said...

The music for these evokes a bubble machine in need of tune up! I also am always amused by the psuedo's of the Italian cast. And the presence of Roger Browne, my favorite Eurospy. I'm thinking of creating on videogame based on these or a low tech blog-game. And what is Animation Studio H or whatever it's called?!

Anonymous said...

That Cosmos-War of the Planets box art gives me chills. You should also seek out "Mission Stardust" aka the much cooler name "4....3....2...1....morte" The soundtrack is good and the LP's cover is worth the price alone.

David A. Zuzelo said...

No kidding Robert, these are some CRAZZZZZY little items. Beautiful in their oddity though, and I mean that.
I have that album Mike! Awesome stuff and I'd love to see the movie. The score is co-composed(?) by Antón García Abril- the same person that did the BLIND DEAD series. And I sure do love those!

I really hope the as yet to be converted to Bresciadom poke around these bizarre films! Now someone get me THE BEAST IN SPACE on DVD...please.

Elliot James said...

The entire movie is on Google video?

David A. Zuzelo said...

Yes indeed, though I'm sure it is not supposed to be. Nice chance for people to see something they may never catch though.