Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Xploited Roundup o' The Week

Nope, I'm not down, just resting...everyone got hit by the flu (just before we get hit with some snow) around our parts it seems. So, gentle re-entry as I point out some nifty items some of you may need from Xploited Cinema.

I'm a big Filmirage fan, and it is nice to see Raro releasing FRANKENSTEIN 2000, which is a wacked out little film-and perhaps the final D'Amato horror picture. Previously available in a less than stellar Red Edition from Germany-anyone that digs cheap n' grimy Italian horror will enjoy it. Not to mention that Cinzia Monreale AND Donald O'Brien appear...which is a draw for me anyhow.

Goliath And The Barbarians in widescreen? YEP! I'm up for ANY and ALL Peplum films being letterboxed and this one is a particularly fun entry into the genre. Steve Reeves muscles his way through the show and any fan of swords n' sandals should enjoy it!
Renato Polselli (whose classic Delerium will be in my soon to be put up Pinnacle list) directed The Vampire And The Ballerina, and though this disc has no English language track I would still love to see the film! Come on US dvd labels...snap this up!!

The ultra cool Stephen Norrington film Death Machine is out on DVD uncut? I sold my Japanese LD and missed it ever since...but now it can be replaced! If you saw the cut down print and liked it at all, this one is a must. Features one REALLY disturbing bit that fleshes out the lead character and made me wonder how exactly anyone thought cutting it would be a good idea! On sale no less...

I did watch Barricade this weekend and enjoyed it, a full review will follow shortly. If you like hardcore splatter, more splatter and bonus effects by Olaf Ittenbach...get it!

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