Thursday, January 25, 2007

Eurotrash Pinnacle Project - Nick Frame

Today we have a really wild and varied list from Nick Frame at DVD TRASH-one of the best DVD update blogs in the sleazy and weird universe. If you haven't checked it out, do so post haste! Heck, you can see Black Emmanuelle's Box over there!

Take it away Nick...

In no real order and this list would probably change daily, but hey:

1. The Beyond - A true horror classic and one of the best Fulci
movies ever, add in the superb score and you have a masterpiece in my
opinion. Also it was the 1st Fulci movie I ever bought on DVD (The
Anchor Bay Tin Edition) and the anticipation of receiving this was
palpable. Wish they would bring back the tins!

2. Profondo Rosso - Argento at his best and that Goblin score,

3. Cannibal Holocaust - Much maligned for it's more questionable
scenes, but at the core it's a fantastic film, that demands to be in
every horror fans collection.

4. Eccezzziunale ...Veramente - An Italian comedy trash classic,
although not seen by many outside of Italy, if you know the language
or culture at all then track this one down.

5. Milano Calibro 9 - Di Leo has made lots of Italian crime flicks
but this really blew me away when I saw it. Great cast with superb
turns from Gaston Moschin and Mario Adorf in particular.

6. Kriminal - Lenzi brings this ultra hip fumetto to life and
although only released in Italian, it's another DVD to track down if
you know the language.

7. L'Insegnante - An Edwige Fench Italian sex comedy, that was a
mainstay of the late night Italian TV schedules when I was younger
and she certainly opened my eyes a little wider!

8. Zombi 2 - What more can be said? Another Fulci goretastic classic.

9. Kilink Istanbul Da' - The Turkish Kriminal/Diabolik rip off, but
great fun and totally politically incorrect. Recently brought out on
DVD by Onar Films and they should be applauded for doing so.

10. Four times that night - Bava has made many classics, but of all
the films I've watched recently this was so enjoyable and just so
different from Bava's usual style but at the same time totally

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