Friday, January 26, 2007

Eurotrash Pinnacle Project - Trailers!

While looking for a little Andreas Schnaas this morning I stumbled upon some great Eurotrash trailers up at Youtube. Here a few top titles for your morning trash fix! Please note, don't start these up at work-seriously. Eugenie De Sade has some raunchy bits to say the least!

This Japanese Tenebre trailer is something! What the hell is that final image?

And here is a nifty German trailer for Mario Bava's Twitch Of The Death Nerve

Jess Franco anyone? I really love this film, and the music is sensational. Actually, I'm shocked I haven't included it in my Eurotrash Film Pinnacle list...I think I need to fix that!

Bruno Mattei and his zombie epic...and this is one LONG trailer!! Spaghetti Western guncracks, Goblin music and lotsa wild action in Hell Of The Living Dead! "Stop wasting yer damn bullets you jerks!!"

And here is one for the future, I hope. Argento has been spotty at best lately, but this tiny preview was better than all of Jenifer in my opinion.

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