Thursday, November 30, 2006

Settling in with Lucas and The Titanic Peplum Rock and MORE!

Ah moving...have you ever lifted a collection of VHS and DVD that has damn near broken you? I have now. Not fun, but damn it is cool to look at all this and feel the burning desire to go back to some films and actually start feverishly working through the "someday" pile.
Everything is still in flux, but a little bandwidth in the air let me surf to find some stuff to read...and I hate to miss The Horror Roundtable as well.
A great post over at Tim Lucas' VIDEO WATCHBLOG summarizes one of my favorite sets of the year...yes it is cheap and no the prints are not great, but you get a LOT of peplum in WARRIORS. 50 to be exact-and many really great and hard to find titles. I'd buy about 40 of these again in upgrades, but this is like getting a complete yearlong run at the old Sinister Cinema tapes in one box for less than 1 tape costs. Check it out and strap on your sword and sandals. I was delighted to find a copy of RETRO STUD in a package from a friend recently-nothing beats S/S posters from a gay perspective!! NOTHING!!! So I'm all peplumed up and about 20 films into the set myself.
Go here and get the nuts and bolts on the first half of the set.

Nobody does fun like Curt at THE GROOVY AGE OF HORROR! Oh man, if you like naughty nurses-he is on a tear. Go and read it now. Especially fun was the link to the group standing up for nurses and desiring an end to the "hurtful" images portrayed in the media. FAH.

The Horror Blog monster fight rages to the conclusion and I'm thrilled to see THE BLIND DEAD leading on. I'd link my short story...but that would be nepotism ;)

Finally... Have yourself a DEADWORLD CHRISTMAS!!

More when time allows...yours scoffing down the surrounding bandwidth,

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