Monday, December 04, 2006

Doorways #0 Released! HG Lewis, Ghosts and More

I just got word that the new magazine, DOORWAYS has published the first issue. I did a column for this one under my old CINEXTREMIST moniker covering a bunch of DVD restorations that I really liked. Also in there is Greg Lamberson (the director of the AWESOME film Slime City and novelist) as well as the one and only H.G. Lewis doing an article. It looks like the magazine is all over the map (I'll know more when I see a copy)-and worth a look for those interested in the paranormal and other such matters as well as the cinemaniacs.
You can find out more at or order up at now via this link. I like Lulu's option of a digital edition as well...very cheap and a good way to check it out. Once I see a copy I'll go more in depth...the issue appears to be very large to say the least.

Here is a copy of the Table of Contents for your perusal...

Table of Contents

Intro ... 1
Behind the doorways ... 2
A Master of Terror and interview Gary A Braunbeck ... 3-11
Every Picture Tells by Gary Braunbeck ... 12-15
A Jaundiced Eye Doesnít Hack it Any More Hosted by Herschell Gordon Lewis ... 16-17
Mythology and Horror Hosted by Eric Weule ... 18-20
The Plainfield Ghost by stephen M WIlson ... 20
Ghost in The Machine by Matthew King 21-42
Conqueror Worm by Stephen M Wilson ... 42
Supernatural Tale Spinner An Interview With Deborah LeBlanc ... 43-51
Dvd junkie: The Big Screem: ìscary Politicsî hosted by Greg lamberson ... 52-54
Eerie Analysis The Stanley Hotel Hosted By Brian Yount ...55-59
Uroboros by stephen M Wilson ... 59
The Gatehouse hosted by Diana Baron : Guest Marcy Italiano ... 60-64
The CineXTremist Episode 1- The Disc of Revelations Hosted by David Zuzelo ... 65-68
On The Track OF 29th Century Dragons Part 1 Hosted BY Richard Freeman ... 69-74
The Gobln Tower and the Dark Entity of the Denbigh Castle ... 75-76
Gruesome Anatomy By Giasone Italiano ... 77
He Was A Teenage Werewolf an Interview with KEnny Miller hosted by Brett Blumfield ... 78-89
Brain Matter By JG Faherty ... 90-92
Backwoods Horror by Nickolas Cook ... 93-96
Silver Anniversary by Stephen M Wilson ... 97-99
Horror Movie Reviews .. 100-112
Book Reviews ... 113-114
Barbarian by C.C. Parker ... 115-123
Contributor Info ... 124-126

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Anonymous said...

Great book, with excellent cover art from my friend Peter Mihaichuk.