Saturday, October 07, 2006

Used Book Trawling...Happy Halloween!!

Nothing says Halloween for me like Used Book Store trawling...and horror treats galore!! This first book is something I never knew existed...but a Young Adult line of Micheal Meyers books is quite intriguing. I'm looking forward to this. Then we have two sleazy ones, The Devil's Channel screams about naked women worshipping televisions... something I whole heartedly agree with and think should be an organized religion!! Finally... a NEL version of a Laymon book! The first one of those I've found. Each cost under 2 dollars!!
Enjoy these lovely covers!


Anonymous said...

I can't say I will ever get into readin too many horror books although I do have a few more recent type things, but I can't really argue with naked women and TV, two of my very favorite things.

David A. Zuzelo said...

Hah! So true...I'm going to post the back cover, because the synopsis is just fantastic!!

Curt Purcell said...

Aw, look at those covers!! The stuff you find, Mr. Z!!