Friday, October 06, 2006

Legend Horror Classics! Dracula!!!!

More Legend Horror Classics!! This Dracula one isn't quite as good as the Frankendaptation posted a few days back in my opinion, but I really like these. From what I can tell (and with thanks to artist and enthusiast Ade Salmon these are poster book stories! Very nifty... happy reading and click the pics for big scans! Many thanks to the original scanners by the way.


Anonymous said...

I rember having a few copies of this magazine, Dracula returned in another issue where the story was ripped off from Hammer Films Dracula Has Rrisen From The Grave - I dont suppose you have that too?

Or how about the adaption of Ray Harryhause's Seventh Voyager Of Sinbad?

Fasbinder 62 said...

That looks like the artwork of Kevin O Neil of League of Gentlemen / Nemesis / Marshall Law.