Tuesday, September 19, 2006

LinkORama and the Return Of Z!

A week! With several deadlines past (and past due) here are some links of the things that keep me from doing what I have to do and will for you too! I can't help but feel zingy today...my Japanese VHS of the amazing Chris Mitchum film SFX RETALIATOR HAS ARRIVED. Oh...must post and then go pop this in.

So, you like music? Soundtracks of the trashy variety? The audio blog phenom rages on, and here are some favorites. Some of these sites are updated so fast I can't even keep track. Truly, and age of wonder. These are some faves and if you explore you can find lots more. SEVEN BLACK NOTES / THE MANCHESTER MORGUE / PSYCHOPLASMICA / SKUNKAPE'S CRAP (wow, Lady Frankenstein!!) / MONDO MORRICONE / THE SLAUGHTERED LAMB / MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS / PHLEGM NOIR and many others if you play through the links. Good luck and happy listening.

Also, be sure to check in at The Horror Blog for tons of information you can use, chuckles and the ever lovin' blue eyed Horror Roundtable (with unlucky 13 coming up!!)

Eurotrash Paradise rages on in the Eurocrime Survivor with The Cop In Blue Jeans getting washed out...no ticky for that one! Also you can revisit Planet Franco (tm) with some of our members right now.

The big daddy of em all, the grooviest of the groovers, Curt's GROOVY AGE OF HORROR is always a must read, so go and find out about many paperbacks you missed. I have an opinion on the Essentials situation myself... but I'll save that for another time.

Exploitation Retrospect is updated and is as always a fun read. Check out the Blind Dead article and see why my wife pointed at me and laughed very hard. I loved the Cut And Paste section this update...lots to see and read here.

Xploited Cinema revamped by the way... this is my FAVORITE place to buy discs on the web, hands down. Xcellent service, Xcellent prices and Xcellent people. Buy something from them. Don't overlook the monster soundtrack section!

And by the way... Shocklines Books, the premier horror bookshop online is always a fun stop. There are tons of items to browse and drool over. I want to point out the final stop on the Ascension Of The Blind Dead tour of duty is through them now.

Look for an update at GASPetc.com by the way. It should include some new reviews by yours turly and an interview with The Giallos Flame!

Click and enjoy... and now... a random Poster that rules my world!


Will said...

Shit... There goes my evening. By the way - ever consider publishing the RSS feed for your site so I can subscribe to it?

David A. Zuzelo said...

hmm...I'd love to publish the feed. How do I go about it though? It works on my browser (Firefox).

Will said...

If you're in your dashboard and you select your blog - then go to settings and "site feed". It should automatically say "YES" by publish site feed, and then you choose long or short format, then click save. Even though it says "YES" already doesn't mean it's published (I found this out). That should add a link to your mainpage for the Atom XML feed.