Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Eurocrime Survivor Is GO! Plus...MORE SHARKS!

In the comments section my pal FrankO mentioned his Great White poster... and that one has awesome art, peep em at the bottom of the post. I want to point out that my good buddies at Eurotrash Paradise have begun the always fun, always combative and always LOUD Survivor game of the season. I usually design little posters and the like (sometimes celebrating the losers, other times just kind of hanging out and having fun). So, I'll be presenting these on the blog as they are created. First up, the commencement banner, even though we are under way and THE NARC has already shot up, been shot down and cast away. I've been a member at the ETP for 5 years and they are a great bunch of people... if you like your trash films then you should swing by, say hello and start posting today!!
Not only do you get some of the best friendly banter on the net, but there are some very in the know folks, some really great writers, a big mouthed sleazefilm fanatic whose last name starts with Z, infamous zine editors, current zine editors, comic book artists and a whole lot of guys you can share a beer with over Death Commando at 2 A.M.

I ain't kidding...join now.

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warrenzone said...

ok, that Great White poster is amazing, I though I had the best poster... for some shit documentary Great White Death I've got one that is just like Jaws, but the shark is coming from the bottom right corner (not dead center) and is in profile - and OF COURSE THE SHARK IS OBSENELY HUGE, but it is not as good as that poster right here :(