Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Giallos Flame...The Score Continues!

Just a quick note that I'll be on vacation for the next week and a half (at last...we get one good one in a year), so no updates until then. I have turned in some reviews at Horror Comics UK that should be up if you during the week if ya care though. They just upped an interview with Kody Chamberlain and it is a good read.
Now then, I've promised some Blind Dead and now I deliver it, through the back door of sorts. First bit of news is that the fledgling DVD outfit Severin Films has announced some EXCITING Jess Franco news with Macumba Sexual coming out, but perhaps less of interest to many (though not me) is that Mansion of the Living Dead is coming. Yep, Jess does the Blind Dead-sort of. A must have...
And second is that I finally got to hear the unreleased soundtrack to Sacrament of the Blind Dead, which was too be released with the Indie Gods (now morphed into review site Joe Horror) comics. My own Ascension of the Blind Dead did get released and perhaps one day it can go with this sonic wonder of a score for the Blind Dead film that never got made. The band is called The Giallos Flame out of England and man do they love the sleazy soundtrack groove of the best of Eurotrash cinema. You can sample many of their tracks by paying attention to their page at MySpace HERE-ranging from giallo style tracks to some WAY WAY WICKED post nuke noodlings and back to classic horror. Anyone looking to capture the feel of the eurohorror era in their movie needs to contact these folks. Go and listen... I'll wait.See, that was awesome stuff eh? I need to build up a library of these tracks...the current ones up there are good with "Nightmare City" being my favorite.
So, the Sacrament of the Blind Dead soundtrack is currently unreleased, but buzz em on Myspace and yammer and clammer for a release. It's got some atmospheric tracks like "The Ripper" and the dense "Main Theme" that has a bit of a Frizzi like dreadmosphere going on that is perfect for horror reading. Pounders like "The Church" roar along to perfection as well, and the Templars would be proud to stalk some heartbeats to this anytime.
Seriously, lobby these folks for a release and check them out. You won't be sorry.

Alright, to all of you reading-I'll see you after a week in the sun (hopefully) building sandcastles in the daytime with the little boy and building nightmare stories at night while everyone is sleeping! I've got a bag with a Black Samurai paperback and will be getting groovy on the shore...but thinking about what fun I'll be able to share upon my return is making me smile already!

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