Monday, June 26, 2006

The Devil's Honey... not so sweet on DVD yet.

I love Lucio Fulci's filmography, it was certainly an entry gate (of hell) into eurotrash cinema for me. Of all his films not currently on DVD, The Devil's Honey (Il Miele del diavolo for you purists) is the one I most wanted. With news of it being released in Hong Kong coming around I was thrilled. Letterboxed and ready to rip (the old HK releases contained the longer SaxFack as I like to call it)...I ordered up.

Naughty...but I can't see what is happening...DAMMIT!

It's a sad day in LucioVille sorry to report. BUT, if I can save you from investing then I'm happy. But first, let me clarify that I do recommend the film with highest marks. One of the best of the 80s Italian Sex/Drama flicks, it has enough perverse goings on to keep you thrilled, hotcha hotcha nudity from Blancha Marsillach and the beautiful Corrine Clery (of YOR infamay!) and a great beatdown performance from Brett Halsey as a doctor that fails in saving the wrong guy. After a musician is killed (whilst getting a happy ending polish off as he tools down the road on his motorcycle) his girlfriend goes ape. Really ape, and starts a beeezare bondage/kidnap relationship with the doctor. Dogbowls are misused and fun ensues. Claudio Natali's score is excellent (and memorable) and Fulci brings his horror sensibility to the late cycle trash sexfilm that goes way beyond the efforts of Filmirage and the like producers. A must see, and I guess this disc could satisfy those that have not checked it out. But fans (and demanding digiphiles) will be let down by Evergreens CRAP presentation. Below are some screenshots, and if you notice in the bottom corner this was not even sourced from the old HK Laserdisc, there is a tracking blob. blargh, it's like a third generation two head VCR transfer! A shame, but I'll keep on hoping to drink deep of some Devil's Honey again. The hunt continues...

Look at Brett Halsey...he's begging for a good release!!

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