Saturday, June 24, 2006

Random Update Time!

Some quick plugs from the David Z universe for the weekend. More HEAP, more BLIND DEAD and more mayhem in the week ahead leading up to my long awaited vacation.
So, for a Saturday afternoon here are a few quick things...
Check out Cavan Scott's Horror Comics UK for some great news (Chaykin on Blade for Marvel!!) and some reviews by yours truly with more to follow.
Also, I was pleased to see a graphic I passed along to my pal James Desert (aka the director of Lucker The Necrophagus and producer of the butt munching classick Rabid Grannies) up as the welcome to his website
Also, if you go behind that graphic and into the site and check out THIS Interview, you can get some of the skinny on Killer Switch (aka Lucker The Necrophagus 200X), a screenplay I worked on with him. Pretty cool, and I hope to see that sucker made in the near future. I'm a big fan of A Split Second and thinking that Marc Ickx could be directing is spine tingling.

And I've got in hand one of my beach reads...with thanks to Curt at Groovy Age of Horror for the new obsessive glee I have in obtaining these books (yikes, I can only find this one so far for an affordable amount) here is the cover for Black Samurai 2-The Golden Kill! Can not wait to dig in to this one between sand castles. For a review of another in the series, check out this one!

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