Thursday, May 04, 2006

Posters of Petrification... Episode 4- Jess Franco!

I'm back... With deadlines looming and baby boy blooming things have been hectic. BUT, I'm pleased to say that a final draft of The Scream Box will be turned in today for GaspEtc... and the Eurotrash Paradise bookclub of Ascension of the Blind Dead still has a little unlife in it to pick up on as well. So, Posters of Petrification returns.
I'm a Jess Franco fan(atic) and part of the fun with his work is all the amazing art and images that have been generated to sell the films. Here are some of my favorites. Look forward to Blue Underground re-releasing the Red Lips films (check out the lovely art to the left) and if any of these inspire you to check out the films than all the better!

I'm particularly fond of the Manhunter artwork (as Jungfrau Unter there any film that Germany doesn't enjoy putting Jungfrau into??) It's really sharp and even though I love the movie, now available at your local bestbuy on the cheapy Tales of Terror from the Hood disc, this poster could NEVER be lived up to!!


Anonymous said...

Curses David, just when I wasn't going to be buying any crappy DVDs this month you made me buy the Terror Tales from the hood DVD.
Just what my house needs - more budget horror! LOL!

Anonymous said...

The une vierge chez les mortis vivants poster is fab - what movie is that!

Anonymous said...

That's VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD, I'm pretty sure, Cav. I just printed out that poster as a visual reference for the zombie scene I'm writing right now!

David A. Zuzelo said...

Woops, sorry I did the private email thing in return by accident!
That is Virgin and it's a good one to say the least. That Terror Tales disc ALSO has Voodoo Black Exorcist which is a truly awesome slice of prime cheeeeeeeeze! A good 7.99 disc.

Anonymous said...

i just saw that (awesome) Devil Hunter poster on ebay the other night...tempted to buy, but the wrath of the wife prevailed :( waaaa!