Friday, April 28, 2006

Tombing Around The Web

Inspired by The Groovy Age of Horrors "What's Groovy" posts, I thought it would be fun to pass along some of the things that are keeping me busy on the web as well. I'm in the middle of several things for the blog, including the MASSIVE revisions of my article on Jess Franco's 90's to current output (yikes, I watched Blind Target again, something I swore I would never do!) and putting together some stuff for Mike Baronas' revivified venture GaspEtc.Com (get excited folks, it's gonna be cool!)... and besides, I have one more disc to finish to complete the Urotsukidoji - New Saga set before I go off on it.

First off is the always great fellas at Horror HQ and Eurotrash Paradise. HHQ is always buzzing and you can see some PRIME posters from Offaleater's House of the Damned poster shop in the Asian section. All I'm saying is naked women and ninjas...go now. The ETP is posting at an amazing rate as Klaus Kinski Survivor rolls on. I'm also VERY excited to let all you bloggers that the ETP will be doing a book club on my very own ASCENSION OF THE BLIND DEAD chapbook on May 3. It should be lively and I'll be unspooling a few items (possibly the unused prologue that has the BD arising at the sound of hearts pounding and the scent of menstrual blood, and probably the plot outline to some new material)...Everyone is welcome. I'm running VERY low on the books (at the click link above), but Shocklines has them in stock as well, and don't forget you also get Andre Duza's awesome Dead Bitch Army exclusive tale.

I've been digging Omega Channel of late, be sure to check it out. The bad word on the recent Return of the Living Dead movies continue, but I just know I have to see them.

I just HAVE to pass along this awesome unofficial Anthropophagus Fan Site as well... tons of great posters and information to look at. My hat is off to the creator of this page, for he is eurotrash fandom embodied. Thanks for the effort my friend!

And finally, I've been on a Toshio Maeda kick of late thanks to a post at Groovy Age of Horror, revisiting the original manga works that inspired many of the hentai anime I've enjoyed. For a well written trip through the Hentai world that manages to be fun and informative (and uncensored as well) be sure to check in on Hentai Neko.

Have a good weekend and Keep it tuned to the Tomb for more soon!

Awww... I couldn't resist giving you this link. Click and remember, posters are spelled O-F-F-A-L!
Ninjas and Nekkidness for the weekend!

and a little French Swamp Thing to keep you mucky!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug for Omega Channel.

I hadn't heard anything good about the new Return of the Living Dead sequels, but like you I had to see for myself. After a few more sessions of shock therapy and perhaps a leeching I will be my old self.

Love that French Swamp Thing poster. I used to love the comic book during the Alan Moore and Rick Veitch years.

David A. Zuzelo said...

Anytime Matt, I stop in all the time. Yep, I have to see everything myself, but then again I love Zombie Lake, so I may already have passed the stage of "Beyond Help."
That Swmapy is way cool, I'm more a Wrightson/Weiner myself, but the character is usually very cool.