Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More YOR because these are the Vokes folks!!

Yor week, ah what a memory. I'm on a peplum kick right now thanks to the recently released Mill Creek 50 pack of muscular mayhem-but nobody beats Yor and his fuzzy boots. Ever!
At the end of the YorFest I posted up a great bit of artwork from comics uber-guy Neil Vokes that was done as an April Fools Joke (that I feel ALL THE WAY on, I love Yor enough to believe this could happen!!) HERE. But you know me, I have to keep my Yor's World Shrine a goin', and asked to procure Neil's original art. For those of you that don't know, Senor V has taken on many of the comic greats (Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Tarzan... and of course CONGORILLA baby, the man knows his monkey mayhem) and also produced one of the 80's black and white booms most memorable runs with Eagle (which you can get the first issue of in e-book format here). So, a YOR item was a must. Besides that, the guy is a gent/scholar and tolerates my faux hate for Mario Bava with style. You can learn a lot more about what he and his crew of merry men are up to at THE BLACK FOREST.NET If you like horror (and I would think you do if you are reading this), you need to check out The Black Forest and The Wicked West (watch for part 2 coming soon). And if you say to me... "but I don't read comic books" I double suggest these, a great blend of art and good horror storytelling.
When the package arrived I couldn't wait to get it framed up and into the proper place in the Yor collection (next to the giant Druillet poster of course)-but Neil also included some roughs that were totally fun to look at, including a great alternate ad that I'd love to see a finished version of. It shows off the Vokes ability to do martial arts (not that Reb Brown could do a kick like this of course) and features more Yor in battle action. Enjoy these, and I bet this will bring a smile to Edoardo Margheriti's face, he was inside the big dinosaur suit sketched here! A Tomb It May Concern tip of the hat to Miles Gunter as well of course...any friend o' Yor is a pal o' mine.
As always, I added big clickable images, the thumbnails don't do any justice to them. Click...enjoy! And remember, we may live in it, there are artistic representations of it, but it's YOR'S WORLD, he's the man!


Anonymous said...

What is the title of this peplum 50 Pack from Mill Creek? I'm not familiar with it, but I've enjoyed their horror and science fiction 50 Packs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again,pally-YOR da man!