Thursday, April 06, 2006

Zee Odds and Ends

A few randomized notes of interest for the day. First up is this email I got back from No Shame DVD regarding the "defective" discs of Death Walks On High Heels. I had the disc crash out myself, and used 3 players to find a way to finish the disc. Seems this is not uncommon, but what is reportedly happening here is VERY Interesting. From No Shame customer service...

"We are currently in the middle of doing various test and research about the problems on DEATH WALKS ON HIGH HEELS. Apparently the problem is happening only on PAL DVD players that are cracked to be playing NTSC DVDs. We have received all your e-mails and request for a replacement disc. We will keep you informed as how we are going to proceed in fixing the problem.
Sorry for the inconveniences and as soon as we'll have some news, we'll let you know!"

Indeed, this is what happened on my system as well! No Shame responsible to fix this is the question. I would imagine the re-authoring and distribution of the revised discs because of this error (and yes, I think it's an authoring error regardless of cause) will cut deep into profit margins on this title, but will go a long way to keeping the niche customer base happy. Well, I'll let you know what I hear when I hear it. Certainly this is a first for this exact complaint, I can't imagine that No Shame would want to lose the hardcore collectors who are buying globally, considering the titles they release.'s an interesting debate.

Also of interest today is a good fella and Fulci scholar auctioning off some RARE items to say the least. Mike Baronas has been all around the globe to follow up and research Lucio Fulci's career and films and is purging some of the items out of his collection. I know I'm bidding on some of these and I bet some of you will want to as well. Just stand clear of me...heh.
Check out the RAAAARE FULCI STUFF here!

And finally for today, some upcoming blog projects I'm working on. I'll be revising THE REVERB OF ONE SHOT, THE REVIVAL OF JESS FRANCO for a long series of posts as well as looking at the complete Sister Street Fighter series in the next week. Also headed to this blog soon are some one shot reviews including the bizarro find of a longer version of GROTESQUE starring Linda Blair and the staggeringly wonderful VOODOO BLACK EXORCIST, now available at local Best Buy shops!


Anonymous said...

I rented Death from Netflix and it craps out right after Simon Andreu harasses the blind man. I have a Memorex NTSC DVD player MVD4543. So I'm trying to find out who the killer was by emailing those in the know. Glad I did NOT buy it!

David A. Zuzelo said...

Yeah, isn't it great the NoShame never fixed this?