Tuesday, April 11, 2006

BCI Eclipse Sets Shiomi To Stun!

Hey everyone, the Sister Streetfighter reviews will continue-but a kindly heads up from Bruce Holecheck via our blog feedback pointed out that BCI Eclipse will be releasing the SS films this year if all things align. Seems a BCI rep also reads my blog (welcome!) and have asked the folks releasing these to not intrude upon there property.
Sounds fair, I expect they will also release beautiful anamorphic and correctly flagged for progressive scan releases with loads of extras to keep we Sister Streetfighter converts happy. Can't wait to see them.
I do hope that with all the funds manufactured by BCI's long long history of multipacks of unlicensed features can bring us that :)
I mean, hasn't Grindhouse owned PIECES for a long time? If you don't want to wait you can get it here though.


You also get Devil's Nightmare (which Image released and Redemption was responsible for) and you also get Mario Bava's KILL BABY KILL (that's a good one!) to Boot. Or wait, here is a real Steal for short money!


Jess Franco's Jack The Ripper (never mind the restored version from the producer!), Satanic Rites of Dracula (all those PD Hammer films...phew), Don't Look In The Basement (a GREAT film, seriously) and many more for less than the price of a Cyberhome DVD player. Groovy!

See you all for my reviews of Sister Streetfighter 3 and some bonus Shiomi Mania!

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