Thursday, March 16, 2006

Reviewing My Reviews of Myself being Reviewed and Interviewed!

It is always nice to get positive feedback, be it for a well placed diaper under the baby or for something I've written. While tracking back some links to the page selling the chapbook that contains my little tale Ascension Of The Blind Dead I stumbled on this review.
Maximum Horrors Reviews Ascension of the Blind Dead!
Now that made me smile... double cool to find myself surrounded by guys like Ray Garton, Brian Keene and *GASP* Jack Ketchum. Pretty sweet... and perhaps instrumental in getting a re-order from Shocklines as well. I love the Blind Dead movies, and I hope that eurohorror fans (like me) enjoy the story. So I don't carry on, let me just pass along this link to an interview I did with Curt at Groovy Age of Horror here:
David Z on Templars and Horror and Stuff and More Stuff.
In celebration of this review, I would love to pass along a copy to one of the Tomb It May Concern readers, so let's make a game of it. The main character in Ascension is a sexed up female werewolf named Silvia Perschy...the first eurotrash fan that can tell me who I scooped that last name from (and she is in one of the BD movies) gets a free copy of the Gold Limited Edition signed by both myself (whee...) and cover artist and infamously grand comics maven Neil Vokes as well. Drop a line to and capture your prize now.

Now then, I did want to point out that the chapbook is a flipper that also contains a really great story by Andre Duza that expands his Dead Bitch Army mythos. If you like zombies and gore told in a VERY unique style, Andre will suit you very well. I love this story and it makes a great lead in to the full on Dead Bitch Army novel (here, signed for your pleasure). You can also get the chapbook at Shocklines here.

Enough self pimpage, I'll be back tomorrow with the first in a series entitled... FILMIRAGE Frolics. First film will be Witchery / Witchcraft with David Hasselhoff and Linda Blair! Great stuff for those that think Joltin' Joe D'Amato's little company could do no wrong. Gore, mayhem, silly...awesome!


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, are you still considering (or going forward with) a BD novel? I hope you do!

David A. Zuzelo said...

Someday Curtster...a few things have to go first though. Perhaps once I get the short stuff done I can really get cracking. It's ALL outlined though, 3 books (or probably tighter novellas) to finish up what I started in Ascension. Someday...