Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Posters of Petrification... Episode 2 - Sexy Sex!

The joys of sexploitation films. Some are sleazy, some are silly, some are goofy and some are downright bizarre. From the great Mantis in Lace and Evil Come, Evil Go to the super stoopid Pigkeepers Daughter, I'm always game for some nekkidity and oddball characters. As great or bad as the films can be, the posters are some of the best sizzle over steak presentations ever witnessed. And here are some faves... And remember that if you ever want paper, Posters of Petrification HIGHLY recommends you click the sidebar link to Offaleater's shop, an amazing array of visual delight, all at a fantastic price! I've known Ari for a long while and not only does he stock some amazing art, but he'll track down whatever you need-this past Christmas was made all the better when he located a sweet rolled Blind Dead poster from Germany for me.
Sex it up and dig the groovy images!

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