Thursday, March 02, 2006

Posters of Petrification... Episode 1-EUROTRASH

Nothing says fun like Poster poking eh? Here are tonight's favorites... be sure to click the image for larger versions.
While I'm partial to the old Gorgon Video cover in that it is far more cartoony and bizarre-featuring Mosiac (the titular Frankenstein monster) in a very iffy drawing with a GIANT BONE and the tag line "He Had A Bone To Pick!", this image is really amazing. The woman's face in the blood splatter is a lift from another poster (a giallo, but I can't recall which one!), but damn if that isn't the greatest looking rendition of a cheesy Carlo Rambaldi make-up effect. Stunning!

Next up we have TWO images from Enzo G. Castellari's GREAT WHITE. You better put the "G" or you get grumped down by Enzo himself. Great White is a Jaws style film that is super close to the original, enough to get it pulled from US theaters-and the image with the PG is charming in that it claims that the film features "intense scenes of overwhelming suspense require parental discretion!" Well, it isn't that intense, but I shelled out a good amount of cash some years back for a beautiful Japanese VHS of the film and don't regret it. Both posters are worthy of hanging on any wall.

And finally for the debut installment of Posters of Petrification... a real gem! Umberto Lenzi really is one of the great masters at genre hopping in the Eurotrash world, be it Cannibals (Cannibal Ferox), Zombies (Nightmare City), Action (Wild Team), Barbarians (Ironmaster) and on and on...the man was always there for us. But for sheer WHAAAAAT factor, this US one-sheet for Eyeball takes the cake on the visual scale. It's not beautiful as many of the Italian posters tend to be, be it in a ghoulish manner or not, but this images screams to the horror fan AND the exploitation fanatic in the loudest possible manner that they need to be in that theatre. Perfection! Enjoy...and hold on to your orbs kiddies!!!


Anonymous said...

I have the Frankenstein 80 Gorgon Vhs, great looking movie, never got through the whole thing though.

I have a couple of posters for "Great White Death" - I think it is a documentary, but the poster is sooo awesome! Can't find a shot of it online, it's not the same as the video cover.

I love Eyeball, the Prism video cover does it no justice.

David A. Zuzelo said...

That Eyeball art is awesome eh? Great White Death is the same Castellari flick as Great White, a fantastic Jaws rip that was banned in the US after a lawsuit claiming it was too close to the original. The US one sheet is probably quite difficult to find because of that!