Friday, April 14, 2017

Doc Terror Forever!

The world in general, and our tiny subset of humanity that loves the horror genre, has lost a true gentleman.  Doc Terror to many, Jimmy Harris to others and beloved by all who were lucky enough to know him be it online, website, podcasts or convention goers has left this mortal coil.  It's a terrible thing for anyone to have to end their battle with Cancer... but Jimmy was such a particular person that it hits home hard for many of us reading this.

Nothing I can type seems enough to do this justice.

If you made something cool, trust me...he would share it and bring his unique enthusiasm to bear upon it with all his might.  And he was ready to talk ANY kind of horror and genre film at the drop of a hat, always strong in his opinion and open to others at the same time. He LOVED the horror, he loved the fans, who he always treated like family... and you gotta know that he never ever left behind his friends no matter how hard his battle was.  Imagining James sitting at his computer, retweeting out cool projects on his twitter feed despite everything... while I'm saddened beyond reason that he is gone from our day to day life...the legacy continues and I'm glad we have it to look back on.

Nothing I can type seems to do this part justice either.

So... lets do this.  Celebrate what is left for us.  And also, if you have the means, and believe me he appreciated every single person that looked, helped and shared it equally... James leaves behind a beautiful family and they could use a little help.  Take a moment and read his story and know that there are others he has affected so much that continue on in his wake, I'm sure you'll see the love for James we all have. Thanks for taking a look.

The James "Doc Terror" Harris Fund

I'm going to watch a few horror films and I'm going to keep doing what Jimmy at times would kick me in the ass to do...SHARE the passion and keep the tribe of horror fans marching strong.  Doc Terror Forever is a mantra...from a great man to an icon...thanks for every bit of time we chatted late at night about whatever trashy horror we were enjoying in the moment.  And thanks for the inspiration that will never end.

And now, listen to Jimmy talk on chicken nuggets, horror and kids and the Halloween franchise as Big HorrorSexy spreads the love all over...   

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