Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Tale Of The Dean's Wife!

I love these CODE RED DVD releases of SIX PACK drive in movie prints!  I reviewed second volume already, so lets dip in to Volume 1!  What is cool about these is I'm trying everything, no matter the genre.  THE TALE OF THE DEAN'S WIFE doesn't have an appealing title really, but what lurked beneath that was an absolutely bonkers 1 hour and a few minutes of vintage 1970 Sexploitation full of buxom bodies, weird moral politics and... yes, THE DEAN'S WIFE certainly spreading some tail.  Urrrrr... tale.

We open on a scene that just bounces and jiggles along as our hipcat crew I think we are supposed to identify as the rad student set hang out in the woods and randomly sex each other up, down and sideways.  It's rather bouncey. Like this.

And the tighty whitey enthusiasts should note the above as well.  Anyhow, the students are hanging out and spreading the good cheer with much verve, but what they really want is to make their demands known to the uptight Dean of whatever school these shift layaboutitalls attend.  But how? HOW??  Well, it probably helps that what is going on in the Dean's house is just as friction laced as their human anatomy studies in the wild are going.  Here is our crew...

Note the nerdly scholars by the way.... they have some hysterical dialog about doing it for the first time that will keep you chuckling at every appearance.  I don't know who plays the uptight girl, but she delivers some real zingers to Joe Horndog!

Ooof. Been there. Not fun.  To be fair, that dudes hair is so much like Astro Boy that I can't imagine him NOT getting laid with ease.
Back to it!
The hitch here is that the studios girl (note the glasses) is the Dean's Wife's sister and she knows how chaste Dean's Wife can be. But is she?  OH NO...she is wacking, spanking, vibrating and licking EVERYTHING in sight!!
I mean, this is her maid...

 And this is THE DEAN'S WIFE...taken aback by the Maid because she got back.

Cue the Throbbing (something....ummm...oh yeah) GRISTLE.  DISCIPLINE!

"I told you to keep your pants on when my husband is home!"  But when Dean's Wife is home...oh....let's make it better.

So, yeah, Dean's life at home is a little unique. He's so square, the hip kids call him a CUBE!!!  After a dinner party where he meets some of his wife's friends and gets a lesson in the fact that not only are narcotics illegal, but so is a "certain kind of sex, but that doesn't stop people" then old Wifey is off to the races.  And here I meet my new icon. He says the word Erotica thusly.


He brings the pain!  He plays piano while his wife teaches the Dean's Wife more about sapphic shenanigans!  Dean's Wife already knows, but...she'll take more! And more! And more!!!

What I really like is the use of the little boy statue for perspective here... just fantastic direction.
I don't want ruin it all...because THIS IS JUST THE FIRST HALF!!!  The students invade, but they have a plan. It involves a Sugarcube.  And involves this.

And this!!!  It's getting GROOvavavavavavaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooomy!
And that ain't even the half of it.

I really enjoy sexploitation films, especially from this era.  It runs just over an hour, so I don't know if this is a censored version of a full on porn film, but it plays perfectly without any hard shots at all.  The script is really wacked out, and our "youth" against "the man" story is pretty damn fucked up to be honest.  Because by the time it is over (you'll guess that ending by the way), it just shows the rotten core of these kids and hardly shines as an endorsement of a free love culture. But you won't get caught up in that, you'll just be gobstopped by the insanity in this bite size slab of pulchritudinous playtime in the weird world of bottom of the bill soft core sex.  Buried in this set lies a gem for those in tune with that hipped out vibe of goofballs, eeeeerawwwtickaaaahhhhh and shut down your brain entertainment.
I actually clapped during this movie.  In my living room. Clapping.  Four stars...a hidden film I'll never, ever, forget!

On to the next SIX PACKER!!

By the way... BEN DOVER is in this. Really!! Look!


Mike H said...

Mr. Dover's finest work!!

David A. Zuzelo said...

Certainly, I'm a fan of his body of work to say the least! I often wonder if his film The Devil's Anklegrabbers will ever surface.