Friday, August 05, 2016

Night Of The Loving Dead!

Night Of The Loving Dead
by James Futch / James Newman
Demonic Clown Books
“Unhhhh,” it groaned, slamming into his mouth. “Unggghhhhhhhh!”
“Alex coughed, gagged, spat a stream of vomit onto the wrinkled black bacon of the thing's scorched clitoris. “No..n-n-no...”

Yes indeed friends, this is hardcore horror! Futch and Newman take a fun title and not only live up to it, with lots of death, sex and violence-and zombies-but exceed expectations as well. While it is easy to simply peel your readers sensibilities like a filthy rotted onion, it takes skill to spin a fun story that keeps you reading on top of it. Skimping on neither the simple or the more complex, this rampaging novella pulls off every trick in the book with a bile drenched smile. Peep this:
Sheila Tyson is a college student that picks up a job in one of those evil hospitals that is surrounded by urban legend and rumors of satanic shenanigans. After the warning from the now retiring night watchman (with one hilarious case of Tourette's Syndrome) to stay away from the morgue at midnight drives her to peek, she finds out that not only do the dead rise and walk... but so also roars to life the libido of the damned! No erectile dysfunction for these fellas anymore. See corpses fistfucking, smell the stench of rotted foreskin giving way to hardened and cold vaginal lips.... and join our cast as they decide to profit off such behavior. Good thing Sheila's boyfriend is a scumbag porn videographer who will do anything to get ahead. Bad thing that zombies go wild for live meat! Toss in the boyfriends old boss, an underworld porn boss who just doesn't enjoy watching others profit when he could be, a fucked up administrator who enjoys jacking himself to near death and oh yeah... a porn starlet who doesn't realize that just douching out her ass isn't going to help when the maggot shot comes along. Everything collides... bodies fly, people die and it has a happy ending. 

As I said at the top, it is easy to shoot for the gross out and there is nothing wrong with that at all. I love my hardcore horror brain beatdowns more than most, but the characters are extremely well drawn in this novella which is compelling from page one to the final word. I found myself pulling for Sheila to come out on top of this body pile with an almost surprising enthusiasm, something that is usually reserved for my favorite writers. And while the prose runs splattering across the pages like a popped vein, the style never gets purple or distracts from what is happening in the – GASP - story. Even a tale of NecroPorn and gore is better told when the reader cares what happens, and even the idiots you want to see die are entertaining.
Horror fans will catch little references to cult cinema (I swear there is an intentional homage to Ed Wood!) and is easily edible in one sitting,making the effect of the book feel like a great naughty version of Re-Animator or From Beyond. Even being able to compare it to the Stuart Gordon masterwork collection is the highest praise I can give.
Body horror, ripping prose, corpse fucking and memorable set pieces create an always enjoyable gutpile... Night Of The Loving Dead belongs on the Must Have Books list for any fan of extreme storytelling.

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