Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Scream Park Quick Thoughts and Shots

I was DYING to see SCREAM PARK.  Why?  Because I love slasher movies? Check. Because I will watch anything?  Sure.  Because it has Doug Bradley? Eh...  Because it has OGRE of SKINNY PUPPY?  ESSENTIAL!

I'll be writing a full review for the upcoming issue of EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT, but I couldn't resist a few quick images for the interested.  I don't think this is particularly good, but it is plenty entertaining and delivers for Skinny Puppy fans curious to see what Ogre living the horror fan dream of playing the crazy killer (with a hillbilly accent??) can do.  And what is funny is that he plays a character that has a crazy buddy named...yes...OGRE.  Weird, eh?  So, if you WANT to see it I believe you should, because it's fun. If not, here are a few pics of Ogre and some filmmakers that were gracious enough not to fall prey to that nasty disease of teasing the audience with nudity. It doesn't deliver a lot, but it delivers big!
Overall, It's tough to be hard on this effort-if you want a tribute to every video you hoped the clerk at the video store wouldn't reject you on... it's a solid 80 minutes!

Nobody ever said your humble host in the Tomb was mature... So lets see what we got in the SCREeeeeeeeAM PARK!

What? We are going to be victimized in the Scream Park? Come on that never...AIIIEEEE!

We have such...sights.. I am PINHEAD..urr...was... But I still rule.
Suspiria Tribute shot... with OGRE!! 
Not Ogre...but a character called Ogre. Being a mean Ogre!

So yeah, they definitely cut a mean profile, the monster men of THE SCREAM PARK do.
Stop me if you've seen me drenched in blood before. Oh wait...  OGRE unleashed!
Yep, there are people in this film that are not monsters.  Punk dude!
Speaking of people... when you put those out there Scream Park succeeds in...
...bringing the payoff.  Good for you, Scream Park!
But you know what happens in a tribute to 80s slashers.... OH NO!!

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