Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pretty Peaches 2 - Peekarama de Renzy Frenzy

Ah, the joys of some new films from VINEGAR SYNDROME (and lots of my reviews of older titles are here)!  The PEEKARAMA series of double bills have been lots of fun so far, but it was with very keen interest that I popped in the double bill of Pretty Peaches sequels, and the start of THE FILMS OF ALEX DE RENZY line to boot.  You see, Pretty Peaches was undoubtedly one of the first porn films I had ever seen start to finish, one of the benefits of having a high school job at a video store with an ample black book of folded down taboo shredding cinema at my finger tips. NO clue what got me to watch it, but it has almost become a fever dream, I remember being a little perplexed to say the least.  I'm not sure if it's rights or the fact that an uncut version of the film (which I must have seen but I have no recollection of one of the infamous scenes outside of a friends reaction to what must have been that bit)--but I do remember seeing part 2 as well, though not 3. So, it's a real chance to strap on some nostalgia and see what I was watching 30 years ago! 

In a nutshell, the plot of Pretty Peaches 2 has our gal Peaches (the sexy Siobahn Hunter) starting off with no real sexual knowledge, but thankfully she is very open to both experience AND learning from some of the best names in the biz, such as Peter North, Tracey Adams, Buck Adams, Ron Jeremy and Jamie Gillis.  You have to see the great Gillis go gazoo in this thing...woah!!  Granny Gillis!!  So lets see. After Peaches gets cock blocked by her mom, Eunice (Tracey Adams lounging around in primo 80s lingerie by the way) her poor boyfriend in a letter jacket ends up wandering the house.  Bobby (Peter North in a letterman jacket that should have read P for NORTH POLE FINISHING SCHOOL by the way) finds himself in hot water as Mom susses him out AT KNIFEPOINT and then realizes he has "lovers nuts" and well...she can help.  Best line is post North Pole Eruption she asks, "does Peaches know about this?"  If you don't know what she is referencing, see the film.  Hint, it takes more than one wet nap to take care of that mess! 

The sexual politics of this scene aside, it's pretty light and breezy stuff as is the rest of the movie. Peaches gets sent out on to go check things out about sex from an ex-stepdad because he is too busy well, doing other stuff.  Herschell Savage is hilarious as usual, even trying to get back together with Peaches mom. This of course results in one of the best bits of comedy as he preens and primps while Eunice hires a stud massause that starts out working hard, and then ends up just plain hard after delivery a slap to the ass of his client because he figured she would dig it, because white girls love a good slap on the rump!  Oh, the path to resparking old flames can be a weird one, this is one thing that Pretty Peaches 2 teaches us all. 

It's sex encounters of the odd kind as we get some loud suited Ron Jeremy, Buck Adams in a funny trucker hat, Jamie Gillis as Granny (yes, I'm still shaking my head at what I must have made of this 3 decades ago) and even a little girl to girl experimentation and lets not forget the "oriental" servant girl.  I'm not really ashamed to admit that my "golden years" of porn definitely had an 80s feel to it, and this flick hits all the marks you could ask for!  I mean...look!





Pretty Peaches 2 looks really sharp here and is a production that was definitely working the edges of the direct to video versus theatrical art direction using some groovy locations and even though de Renzy was pushing the boundaries a little less, the film is still flicking oddball tongue tosses of moral morass at the viewer amidst all the sexual shenanigans.  It's an odd film at times, a real delight for those of us that never got to the grindhouses but built our own in basements with top loading VCRs and a willingness to just grab ANYTHING that looked interesting and definitely gives me an appreciation for how things were changing in the adult film industry as it changed into camcorder epics.  While hardly a porn epic, I'm feeling that the Peaches are sweet and I'm looking forward to the next installment!  

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