Saturday, November 03, 2012

Emmanuelle Through Time - Sexy Bite! Enter The Emmanulleverse 2

Enter...THE EMMANUELLEVERSE once more with the very recent EMMANUELLE THROUGH TIME series.  I started at SEXY BITE, which is...a...TWILIGHT...parody!!  And it's actually so bizarre that it works.  We have a nude vampire dude transdimensional teleporting through a woman's vagina at one point.  And then he gets his VampSwerve right the hell on!!

So, this time Emmanuelle is running some kind of free love TV / Internet show from a blimp, loaded with military personnel that are conducting experiments by using her orgasms to power a machine that lets them rip wormholes into our reality to check out parallel dimensions. Seriously, I love this.  This installment is directed (onscreen) by F.W. NOSFERATU!!!

After some hemming, hawing and raucous sex, things get weird(er) as we go back to "around 1970" and meet what seems like the cast of Twilight down to the wooden acting and ripped abs.  The shapeshifter can grow his penis, just so you know, much to Emmanuelle's delight.  And there is boy/girl and girl/girl action galore. Some of it is silly, some of it plays with the ideas of what we expect from the Emmanuelle brand, and some of it is pretty zipper straining for those inclined (or could I recommend some handy wipes for the ladies), but it's all in good fun.  That is what I really like about these Siritzky things tonight (yes, these were both watched and blogged on a Saturday night)--they aren't taking your softcore seriously, but they are putting on an effort to be entertaining!  I can dig that.

The cast is alright, I like Brittany Joy (who many of us know much better as Allie Haze) because she definitely puts on a clinic in the sex scenes with enthusiasm to spare AND can squirt out her dialog with a straight face as well.  The director seems to be Rolfe Kanefsky again, and I'm totally cool with that.  More more more!

Here... a video for you. This is the opening of the sets the tone well.  ENJOY!


William S. Wilson said...

"by using her orgasms to power a machine that lets them rip wormholes into our reality to check out parallel dimensions"

Okay, this is genius right here.

David A. Zuzelo said...

Ain't it though? This is going to be an interesting project!