Sunday, January 29, 2012

One7 puts some HARD SENSATION in my Exotic Malice

After I finished praising One7 for their EXOTIC MALICE DVD I noticed something weird about the extra footage, and it was also mentioned on the IMDB page for the film.  The "Extra Features" on the DVD are "Deleted Scenes" according to the packaging and menu.  These are not scenes, but scene singular. OK, that is alright...but wait!  The scene isn't from Sesso Nero! It is from HARD SENSATION, which I covered right here.
So, is this a seemingly impossible oversight or...just a way to fill up a spec sheet to retailers and for buyers?  Well...I don't know, but I can note something else interesting.  As with their ABSURD disc (which they put out as HORRIBLE in a very ill advised way of listing the film in my opinion) the inserts (or bonus scenes) are in worse quality than many other available prints.

Here is the BONUS SCENES from One7.
And here is a snap from the fansubbed copy I reviewed.  The fake letterbox affect really adds some quality control to this as well.

Joe D'Amato nerd report 194 is now filed, I found this to be pretty interesting.  As a Deleted Scene worthy of cover and retailer solicitation this is pretty underhanded.  Unless someone is trying to rub one out to the good old days of scrambled cable it is useless.

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