Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear God NO!

I'm loving the idea of a shot on 16mm Biker Violence Epic!!  I'm jazzed by what I see and hope the film pays off!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't even finish the trailer, what makes this attempts at grind-house movies so bad is how lame the attempt at humor-tongue-in-cheek-cool-bad-on-purpose-movie they try to go with.
Until the directors of this flicks wont get that none of the originals where trying to be "cool" and to make a "good bad movie" we are always gonna get this unfunny dumb shots at camp movies, like Machete or the atrocious Hobo with a shotgun.
Write a script, the script has to be good or at least entertaining, this is very important, if you write a poor ass script and then when people tell you how much it sucks you sarcastically answer that "is supposed to be bad" you are a perfect idiot.
After you have a good or at least fun script shoot it on film on a tight budget with a straight approach, there you have what those famous 70's "bad good movies" had.

Anonymous said...

This movie appears to be shot on film and they seem to be paying tribute to those great trailers from New World Pictures. I'm in.