Friday, January 14, 2011

Christina Lindberg Casual (un)Dress Friday

Well...if you have read this blog for a while you may notice a lot of Christina Lindberg material is here...and if not...CHECK THIS LINK OUT!  Get your favorite energy drink, relax your muscles and let the images do their work... Hold on to your eyes, because the will be popping out of your head-amongst the other popping goin' on!  ENJOY!!


AndyDecker said...

Ah, Christina!

You made me a fan, you know? :-)

Neil Fulwood said...

Ay caramba! The weekend is off to a good start!

Peter said...

Excellent way to start the weekend!

Btw, I have that exact same poster of "Die Keusche..." framed on my bedroom wall.
In reality, it's advertising the film "Flossie" which has nothing to do with Christina.
It is rumoured though she did make a film also titled "Flossie", directed by Gerard Damiano, that never got finished.
I guess the picture was taken from Exponerad.

Billy George said...

Shes kinda cute, I guess.... If you like GIRLS!
great post Z. Always up for more Christina.

Unknown said...

so beautifull tits

Ian Miller said...

They don't come any more adorable!