Friday, July 02, 2010

Karin Schubert Casual (un)Dress Friday

I must admit, what first caught my eye about Karin Schubert was the way her name was spelled... but I find her career to be very interesting. I have a strange attachment to Girl In Room 2A undoubtedly stemming from my first run at discovering what a Giallo was and seeking out films on VHS, and it had Rosalba Neri and Brad Harris in it. But being the simple fellow I am, seeing KARIN onscreen made me look for her.  Then there was all that prime D'Amato / Gemser...hubba hubba!
In compiling this installment I was really surprised at just how much porn Schubert got in to, especially since she started her hardcore career proper over the age of 40. Go ahead, Google Image her name and you'll find tons...
She was a XXX Superstar, and I had no idea Paolo Senatore did quite as much as she did either...the two were paired quite frequently...but I'll always think of her as a companion to Emmanuelle!


Holger Haase said...

I remember seeing Schubert in a German talk show at the time discussing her porn career. Next to her was a female Porn No activist who laid into her quite viciously. Say what you want about exploitation but you are not going to get any points from me if you start verbally assaulting one of the performers. Schubert held herself up well and graceful.
I said it before and I say it again: I vividly remember one day at a doctor's clinic flipping through the magazines and newspapers and reading that a short time after going AWOL from her film/porn career she was discovered in Hamburg's red light district performing in one of those strip cabins. I have never again come across that info again and am now ripping I didn't keep a copy of that article as proof that it did exist.

Pidde Andersson said...

The other year I leafed through an old Swedish men's mag, probably from the early or mid 90s or so, which featured an article in which Schubert was mentioned. It said she had been down and out and had tried to commit suicide, but survived and got back up on her feet.

Keith said...

Wow. She is incredibly hot. These are some sexy photos of Karin. I love the tan lines.