Friday, June 11, 2010

Joelle Coeur Casual (un)Dress Friday

Happy Friday!  May your weekend be as arousing as the sexy Joelle Coeur.... I have to be in the right mood to watch the films of Jean Rollin, and it happened last night. Les Demoniaques features Coeur as one of the sexiest and nasty villains in European Trash Cinema, Tina The Wrecker.  Yep, I'd crash in to a rock for her, but I'd wager it would be my last night!

From Les Demoniaques

And onward....Thanks to the original scanners!


Neil D Vokes said...
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Neil D Vokes said...

There is one pic there that I think may have inspired Dave Stevens - the one of her as a cowgirl is very similar to a drawing Stevens did back in the Pacific Comics days- i wonder...;o)

Jared said...

I've been silently enjoying your (un)dress friday posts for awhile now, but this is my favorite so far. Easily my favorite Rollin starlet and one of the best of all the Eurosleaze beauties. Although until these pictures I never noticed that she has kind of fucked up teeth. Somehow though, it just makes here more appealing.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Dude, I fuckin' love this chick!

ROBO32.EXE said...

Joëlle is wonderfull !
I've got some scans for you here :