Saturday, April 03, 2010

Rondo Awards-The Final Call

The last day for the Rondo Awards voting is upon us. There are so many good things to celebrate this year I hope each of you takes the time to vote and show some of the people working hard to entertain and inform a little love!  A few of my friends are up for awards this year, but I think everyone should just go and slip in those last votes for the ones they enjoyed the most. 

Now then, this weeks LINA ROMAY CASUAL (un)DRESS FRIDAY was missing in action...your humble blogger was busy being Easter Bunny like and running around with a neighborhood full of kids doing egg hiding and seeking and all that good stuff-so, no time for perusing the Cinema of La Lina yesterday.  It may be back...or it may be time for a month of another scintillating bit of salacious screengrabbing and scanning! 

Also, I'm participating in this years SCRIPT FRENZY and that may slow things down a bit, though I'm making good progress so far!  As a hint, THIS is finally getting written. Finding someone to illustrate it is another matter...but it is the exercise and motivation of doing it that is the entire reason to show up for online events like this. 

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Rod Barnett said...

Life is merely the downtime as I wait for THE CLAWS OF FRANKENSTEIN ISLAND. I'm being patient.....really I am.