Thursday, April 01, 2010

March Viewing List

And somehow I managed to play a few games along the way...some really good entertainment this month, which also saw the launch of THE PYUNIVERSE!

Tiger Gang (Kommissar X 7) - 8 (sniff, the final film...I liked it!)

Ninja - 8 (Florentine strips away story and brings us an 82 minute fight fest that embraces the American Ninja fan in it's shuriken-y sharpness)

Giant of the Evil Island -7 (EuroPirates!!  Good fun, no monster.)

Hunter of the Unknown-8 (kick ass Eurospy from Sergio Sollima)

Transmorphers-Fall of Man-3 (Abysmal film from The Asylum, though it had some fun robot stuff that made Power Rangers look like Avatar)

Five Element Ninja - 10 (If you need to ask, go watch it)

Second Skin -6 (MMO player documentary...nuff said.)

The Base -5 (Mark Dacascos has done better)

Bulletface-8  Commentary-9  (review)

Left For Dead: Inferno 8  (review)

Nemesis 2-7  (I was sick one weekend...
Nemesis 3-5  (so this was trippy...
Nemesis 4-5  (and Sue Price cyberfucking Norbert Weisser to death was just what I needed)

Price of Power-7
13th Is A Judas-7

(These two westerns I did not post about. Price of Power is more a thriller than Spaghetti western on rewatch, really good but not action packed.  13th is a Judas is totally worth watching also, it has a lot of twists and turns and a great performance from Donald O'Brien.)

Knights-9 (Post Nuke mayhem with CyberVampires and Lance Henrikson and a giant bloodsucking RoboArm)

Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold-7 (Cleo Kung Fu!)

Price of Death -7

They Call Him Graveyard-6  (A little more comedy than I prefer, but very entertaining.)

Kickboxer 2:The Road Back-7
Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor-6

Bora Bora-5 (Italian only, no subs-not anything like Survivors of the Bounty, but what is. Best scene has the "native curious" hottie having her husband spy on her while she gets it on with a local man. When the guy sees the husband he gets up and adopts this weird wrestling pose, chokes and punches the guy around, gets in his canoe and paddles away. Island Cool defined.)

Wrecking Crew-5
Urban Menace-5
(Urban Trilogy time...thoughts here)

American Cyborg-Steel Warrior-7 (Surprising post nuker with fight choreography by Isaac Florentine)

Farewell, Terminator (30 minute Florentine debut...Hebrew Language post-apoc-a-fight-o-rama)

TC 2000-7 (Nobody told me this Billy Blanks film was AWESOME!)

Kung Fu Zombie-10
Kung Fu Wonder Child-10
(You need a few hours completely divorced from reality? These are so bizarre they are out of movie reality!)

Heatseeker-7 (Keith Cooke runs through Manila in the nude and then battles cyborg kickboxers in groovy fashion)


Mike H said...

That was a fruitful month! I think I need to see KUNG FU WONDERLAND sooner than later!!

bruce holecheck said...

What the hell is TC 2000? And I'm glad to hear NINJA is worth it; a new Florentine flick is always cause for celebration. I'm really looking forward to UNDISPUTED 3, too!