Monday, February 08, 2010

Favorite European Trash Cinema Images - Lady Frankenstein

A crazy stomach virus attacked my home this weekend...after everyone else was in bed I needed some healing of the Eurotrash Cinema variety.  I popped in the Steve Carver/Joe D'Amato film THE ARENA and had a blast seeing this for the first time.  While a g-string clad (and well oiled) Pam Grier was restoring my vigor, what REALLY made me smile was to see SARA BAY listed in the credits. Yes indeed, Rosalba Neri as the taskmistress that isn't afraid to take off her chain link belt to a servant is a classic. 
And that brings me to Lady Frankenstein-one of my favorite Rosalba Neri performances. 
Monster. Neri. Lady Frankenstein. A classic!






dfordoom said...

Rosalba Neri is always good, and Lady Frankenstein is a fun little movie.

Mike H said...

Rosalba's derrierre (sp?) never looked better than in this film.