Thursday, February 04, 2010

Favorite European Trash Cinema Images - Bacanais na Ilha das Ninfetas

Eurotrash Icon Oswaldo de Oliveira did a pair of Women In Prison films in 1981/82 that got excellent US DVD releases as BARE BEHIND BARS (a real favorite of mine) and AMAZON JAIL. I had no idea there was a third starring Zilda Mayo called Bacanais na Ilha das Ninfetas.  Yep, evil wardress...nude is all there. But no matter how great and outrageous the more known films are, they don't have Crotch Coiffure!
Wow!  What a great European Trash Cinema moment even though it is from South America....  And while this is going on the various guards and thugs are getting bossed around! Just surreal and oddly brilliant. 




Lars Jacobsson said...

Not to be a partypooper, but shouldn't this be under "Favorite South American Trash Cinema Images"? ;)

David A. Zuzelo said...

I was waiting for this, I actually posted that elsewhere and realized it wasn't in the actual post. Well, it slots in with the series and I added a little addendum to the text :)

It would be a pretty small series of favorite South American Trash images for me, but I'd love to see a series of them!

Mike H said...

You added a little pudendum to the text?